Sewing tip: Use your skirt marker to hem curtains

If you own a skirt marker you probably use it to mark hems on skirts. You can, however, also use it to make marks on other items, such as curtains! A skirt marker will make it much easier to create an even hem on your curtains. skirt marker

Hang up your unhemmed curtains. Adjust the height of your skirtmarker to the desired hem height and make marks across the entire width of the curtain.

skirt marker

Take the marked curtains down. Align a ruler with the chalk markings and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to add the desired seam allowance. Because curtains are usually large and heavy I placed the cutting mat on the floor instead of a table to prevent the weight of the curtain putting strain on the fabric.

skirt marker

My chalk markings are almost invisible here, but I aligned them with the left side of the ruler and cut a 15 cm seam allowance.

Sew hem. If you have a lining you can easily repeat this process by hanging up the curtains with the lining side facing the room. Make sure to adjust the skirtmarker so the hem for the lining hits a little bit higher and will end up invisible on the finished curtains.

Can you guess what I did during the past couple of days?

2 comments on “Sewing tip: Use your skirt marker to hem curtains

  1. Ali says:

    Great idea!

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