Completed: Double crochet scarf

I am super proud of my very first scarf! Is it perfect? No. Is it functional? Very much so. I also completed it in only 2 days so it was pretty fast as well.

The yarn is Roma Big colour 12 from Scheepjeswol. It’s 100% acryl. I would have preferred to use a natural fiber but I also wanted to keep my first large project simple and thought it best to use a yarn that doesn’t split easily. This yarn fit that bill and I also really like this colour. The scarf only required two balls of yarn and I used a 10 mm hook (US size N) to make it. At the beginning of the scarf I did 19 double crochet stitches per row and at the end 20. By the time I discovered I had accidently added one stitch too many at some point I would have had to unravel nearly half of what I had already done and figured it wasn’t really all that noticeable so decided to leave it.

 The scarf is about as long as I am tall, which is 1.65m and it’s going to keep me really warm this winter.