F2F: August blocks

In August it was Susan’s turn and her colour choices were white/blue, white/red or a combination of both. I opted for two white/blue and one white/red block. Finding blue fabrics in my stash is no problem, I love blue. However, I don’t use red very often as I find it can easily dominate over other colours in a quilt and as a result I don’t have a lot of reds in my stash.

For my first block I started by making flying geese units and sewed them into three strips with alternating light and dark blue triangles. The strips were pieced together to make a block and white fabric was added around it to create an off-set look.

August F2F block 1For my second block I pieced some light and dark blue fabrics into short strips and started playing on my design wall. This is the layout that I came up with and I added white fabric to fill in the gaps between the strips and the edges. It reminds me of a windmill. This is my favourite of the three.

August F2F block 2I was starting to run out of time, so for my last block I decided to do another log cabin as these are fairly quick to assemble. Instead of a wonky one I made a rectangular log cabin in a square, if that makes any sense? I think it is quite striking.

August F2F block 3

The blocks that were made by the other participants can be found on the F2F page, scroll down until you reach August.

9 comments on “F2F: August blocks

  1. katechiconi says:

    I love the red block, personally, great choice of layout and fabrics! And the latest ones you’ve sent (which I’ll put on the F2F page shortly) are gorgeous!

    • Emmely says:

      Thank you. You may even recognize some of the blue fabrics I used since they also made it into your Worldwide Friends quilt. I thought it fun to use them for this swap as well.
      I’m plucking up the courage to put those latest blocks in an envelope, I want to keep them so badly…

  2. ah, but wait until January when you get sent some :)

  3. Magpie Sue says:

    I love your blocks! All of them! Now I’m very curious to see what ends up in my mailbox. ;- )

    I’ll have to remember to do some free piecing for you when it’s your turn. I’ve done it before, I bet I can do it again!

    • Emmely says:

      Thank you! I’m mailing your blocks today! I suppose it will take at least a week before they reach you.
      If you want to try anything crazy just do it in January, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it. I usually like things that are somewhat unusual.

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