Week 19/2018: What’s on my design wall?

After auditioning some different border colours in Photoshop for my Cherrywood project, I decided on dark blue as that appeared to maintain the energetic feeling of the pieced part best. I am now waiting for the fabric to arrive, so time to start on something else!

A while back I finished a baby quilt top but it still needs a backing before I can start quilting. It’s not coming along as smoothly as I would like. I am not so sure that I like what I have so far.


4 comments on “Week 19/2018: What’s on my design wall?

  1. I like the design – very modern – I take it that is the baby’s initial in the middle. I think trimming the sides once you sew the bottom on and if needed add a border to make it wider. It will be a very cool baby quilt!

    • Emmely says:

      Yes it is the initial. I like to include some personalization to each baby quilt. Sometimes it’s just the name embroidered on a tag, sometimes I put the entire name on the back, sometimes just the initial or it’s a bit more hidden because I quilted it somewhere and then you only see it when you know to look for it. I think I’ll have to let this backing marinate for a bit before I get back to it, I’ll figure it out eventually. It doesn’t need to get a lot bigger than it already is.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    All the red will appeal to a baby. That’s one of the first colors they see – pastels being among the last color cones to develop.

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