Week 20/2018: What’s on my design wall?

I am now much happier with this quilt backing than I was last week. The changes that I made are not huge but I think they make a difference. I cut some fabric from the left side and sewed that to the top. Last time I had a partial improv border at the bottom that is now less high and I also added it to the left side. I am going to look at it for a couple more days but I’m fairly certain that this is what I’ll end up using for the quilt. Next up: basting, auditioning of threads and picking a quilting design!


4 comments on “Week 20/2018: What’s on my design wall?

  1. dezertsuz says:

    Yes, I like this. It seems balanced. The colors are good, too.

    • Emmely says:

      After a couple more days I am fairly certain that this will be the final composition. If I have time I’ll baste the quilt this weekend! (although I got a message that the Cherrywood fabric I ordered is waiting for me at the post office so continueing with that project is kind of tempting as well…)

  2. Looking good, I like the evolution of the piece!

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