Week 22/2018: What did I buy?

I recently joined the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild. I had somehow missed that the MQG now has a Dutch guild, probably because I had other things on my mind last year. On Sunday, I am going to my first gettogether which is very conveniently held in Leiden!

We will be having a workshop to work on a charity quilt for Quiltcon 2019 so, naturally, I want to bring my sewing machine. I got myself this very neat Tutto Machine On Wheels to carry my machine! Even though I haven’t done much more than unfold it and put my machine inside, I am already pretty chuffed about this trolley. I got size M and as you can see my sewing machine fits nicely inside, even with its hard cover. There are also plenty of additional pockets to bring tools and supplies. My small cutting mat even fits in one of the side pockets so I think I’ll be able to bring everything I need in order to have some quilting fun this weekend.


I am looking forward to some shared adventures!


4 comments on “Week 22/2018: What did I buy?

  1. katechiconi says:

    It looks perfect! Mind you, I’ll never need one; I have no local quilt guild, nothing closer than over 400km away, and these days when I travel with a sewing machine, it’s in our caravan, which would definitely be Size XXL, with space for absolutely everything.

    • Emmely says:

      Haha, yes, what’s still considered local is a bit different in our countries. When I travel by myself it’s either by bike or public transport. I may want to bring my machine more often now that I have this trolley. E.g. to sew with friends.

  2. Hoi emmely!
    Waar heb je die mooie tas gekocht? Ik zou er ook zo eentje willen voor mijn grote machine. De tas die ik heb is te slap. Ze hebben een tas die mijn machine moet aankunnen.
    Wat leuk dat je zondag ook naar Leiden komt! Tot dan,

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