Better than new

I had a second super cute daughter and as a result I currently need a lot more clothes than I used to. My baby spits so often that I can rarely wear something twice and sometimes even have to change outfits during the day. Add a nursing friendly requirement and a severe lack of time and it may not come as a surprise that I resorted to buying some clothes online to fill my wardrobe needs.

But, as it turns out, even with RTW clothes you sometimes can’t avoid picking up a sewing needle.


With so many threads coming undone it has to be a construction error.

I bought this top that has 4 snaps down the front for easy nursing access and after a while (ridiculously fast actually) 3 of the snaps started to come loose on both sides to the point that I was starting to worry that I would lose one or more if I didn’t do a quick intervention.


So much better…

As I was doing the repairs I was thinking that I was making this top as good as new, but then I realised that no, I was actually making it better than new because I am quite certain that my stitches will hold and won’t require another mending job 2 months from now. And that thought made me feel pretty good.

4 comments on “Better than new

  1. marijo1951 says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter. We all understand that when we look after small children, the free time we had to spend on our pastimes suddenly disappears. It’s worth it in the long run…
    Regarding RTW clothes, whenever I buy something, I always put a few extra stitches through each button. They are never sewn on firmly enough. On a couple of occasions I’ve bought a garment in a charity shop, absolutely perfect except that a button is missing – obviously donated by somebody who is so averse to sewing, she couldn’t even find the spare button inside the garment and sew it on – her loss, my gain!

    • Emmely says:

      Thank you! Yes it does seem like a good idea to check everything after buying and do the improvements before they’re visibly needed. Luckily I mostly wear t-shirts without closures.
      A good thing that person actually donated the garment! I do worry people will simply discard them in the trash when things like this happen and they are otherwise still in good shape. It’s such a waste.

  2. katechiconi says:

    It’s a very common problem with snaps, and I have no idea why. There must be a design error with the machine that attaches them. Even very expensive, good quality garments suffer from it, to the point where you might as well get out the needle before ever wearing them.

    • Emmely says:

      I couldn’t really tell how they’re attached because the back is hidden. There were a lot of threads per attachment point though and they were all coming loose at the same time. A bit as if they were somehow all in the same lousy knot. I have a dress with snaps from the same brand from when I had my first daughter and that one is still in perfectly good order. Those snaps are the type where the back is also metal though and they are attached by pushing the two metal parts together with the fabric in between. That just seems so much more durable than sewing them on. Maybe they couldn’t use those on this garment because they wanted them to be invisible from the outside. It is such a waste though, I bet a lot of busy non-sewing moms will simply throw this top out once it starts coming apart.

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