Week 16/2020: What’s on my design wall


With my kids at home all the time I am finding it difficult to find time for creativity. Well, apart from drawing and glueing with my daughter that is, but somehow that’s just not the same as using thread to put colourful pieces of fabric together.

Today, however, I found the solution. My husband and I both have a room on the top floor of our house. His is mostly used for working from home. Mine is filled with sewing related stuff, but I also use it for work. Our kids don’t really spend a lot of time on this floor. Now, however, we are spending so much more time at home and it’s a bit weird that mom and dad go upstairs to work instead of somewhere else. As a result our 3 year old daughter is spending a bit more time in those rooms now. She loves my husband’s whiteboard and finds my mowing machines fascinating (in Dutch the work for sewing machine (naaimachine) is even closer to mowing machine (maaimachine).

Today she noticed some improv trees I had up on my design wall and she really liked them. They are not for her though, which she found a bit disappointing. I suggested that we could make her some trees and she found that a very good idea. I let her pick fabrics from my scrap bag and only guided her in a different direction when she picked scraps that were too small. I just love what she put together. It’s bright, it’s happy and we are going to make more tomorrow. I intend to turn them into a wall hanging for her room.

13 comments on “Week 16/2020: What’s on my design wall

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    What a great idea to have your daughter make a hanging for her room. Start ’em young!

    • Emmely says:

      Yes, that’s what I thought! She loved pushing the scissors button on my machine after I finished a seam. And digging through the scraps was probably best of all. :-D

  2. katechiconi says:

    A tiny quilter in the making. Watch out, or she’ll be raiding your proper stash regularly by the time she’s 12… And I suspect the ‘mowing’ machine is going to become its permanent name!

  3. That is so wonderful you are encouraging her creativity this way! Oh I love those trees – I want to make some too! Love “mowing machine” :-)

  4. What a lovely idea and a win-win situation.

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