Completed: What makes you think I love triangles?

This quilt started as a “what if” experiment. I have a stack of colourful 10’’ squares and thought to myself “what if I layer them on top of each other, slice them into two triangles, put one triangle to the side and then repeat this procedure twice with the other one? The next step was mixing up the fabrics to get as much variation in the blocks as possible and sew them back together into squares.

I wanted to make 30 blocks and picked 33 different fabrics so I’d have some extra blocks to play with. After sewing several seams and a couple of trimming steps in each block I could square them to 8’’, so the final quilt measures 37.5 x 45’’ or approximately 94 x 112 cm.

It was a lot of fun to choose a layout. The 3 different sizes triangles in the blocks create additional shapes in the design and I kept adjusting the placement of the blocks over several days to achieve the final layout.

For the back I started with the improv pieced name of the recipient and added two rows of trucks/tractors because I know he’s into that kind of stuff. It gives the quilt a bit more of a child vibe than I usually go for, but I quite like it.

Let there never be any doubt who’s quilt this is!

The batting is Hobbs Tuscany cotton wool and thread a variegated Guttermann Sulky that I already had in my stash which is a very good match for several of the colours in the quilt.

Details of the walking foot quilting.

For the quilting I decided to go for a no markings needed design and sort of followed the shapes that I saw in the quilt. Quilting didn’t take as much time as I’d expected and I really like how it turned out.  

I love hand binding and this Karin Lewis Blueberry Park fabric is just perfect for binding because it seems to go with everything!

I’m thinking of making another quilt using this method but then using solids. Is anyone interested in a more detailed explanation of how to make these blocks? I forgot to take pictures when I made this one, but would be happy to make a small tutorial showing all the cutting and trimming steps.

14 comments on “Completed: What makes you think I love triangles?

  1. katechiconi says:

    This is such a fun quilt! It’s a really satisfying result for something so improvised, and I really like how the saturated colours works so well together.

  2. Ann Caddy says:

    I would LOVE a tutorial! What a bright and happy quilt for that little boy.

  3. Kathy E. says:

    Oh, I love this! The colors, angles, quilting all make this such a fun quilt and the back is so perfect for Felix! You could even organize a quilt-a-long with this design….I’d follow along!

  4. Felix is a very lucky boy — this is a delightful quilt. The triangle construction is impressive and I am absolutely charmed by the design on the back of the quilt

    • Emmely says:

      Thank you! Playing with the blocks to create all the additional shapes was probably the best part of making this quilt. Every time I make a quilt I think “maybe I should do a simple back so I can get it finished quickly” and each time I end up making essentially a second top. It is just too much fun to add a bit of personalization to the back.

  5. Jille says:

    Felix loves his quilt! Not sure he appreciates the work that went into the side without the tractor though. Thank you Emmely!

  6. The front is wonderful and the back is so brilliant – love the name on it! Wonderful gift!

  7. Naomi says:

    Currently seated next to Felix’s dad being cosy underneath the quilt. Felix has VERY strong ideas about the correct orientation (tractors and trucks facing up and towards him). He considers the quilt an essential part of any reading time and so do we!

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