New Directions Pincushion pattern release!

For quite a long time now I’ve had a dream to create sewing patterns. This past year I’ve taken some big steps to make this dream come true!

The most important step was spending a lot of time playing with Adobe Illustrator, to learn how to use more of this software’s many functions and how to use those functions more efficiently. As it turns out I really enjoy doing this and as a result my first pattern is now completed! I’ve created detailed instructions on how to make the pincushion that I made for the dutch MQG swap that I participated in last spring.

The top of the pincushion is made from a foundation paper pieced 3” finished block. The sewing pattern contains instructions to turn this block into a flat or boxy pincushion. It is of course also possible to use the block in a quilt if you don’t want or need another pincushion!

I chose the name “New Directions” because the shapes in the block remind me a bit of a compass. This pattern also marks a new direction in my sewing and quilting hobby because it’s the first pattern that I’ve created for other people to use. This feels both exciting and a tiny bit scary.  

The New Directions Pincushion pattern has already been released to the subscribers of my monthly newsletter. If you’d like to get the pattern as well, that is still possible. When you sign up for my newsletter you can now download the pattern for free.

Now that New Directions is out in the world I am going to focus on the next patterns that are already in the pipeline!

I’ve also worked on developing a logo and house style. You may already have noticed that my blog looks a bit different from the last time you visited. I’ve tried to incorporate some of the house style features on my blog. The theme I am currently using is a bit limiting in what I can change, however, so eventually I am going to move my blog to

6 comments on “New Directions Pincushion pattern release!

  1. katechiconi says:

    It’s adorable, so tiny and cute but also exact and perfect! If I didn’t already have a list as long as my arm of things I have to do, I’d be making this – and I’d probably make it as an entire cube, a different colour scheme on each face. The very best of luck with this new venture, it’s all looking very good!

  2. tialys says:

    What a lovely pattern Emmely – like Kate I can’t take on any other projects at the moment, partly because I can’t even get into my workroom as everything from the other two rooms upstairs has been piled up in there while the ceilings are re-plastered. I wish you all success with your new pattern and nobody can have too many pincushions can they?

  3. You are multi-talented and I am so impressed with both your pincushion design and the professional pattern. In fact, I am in awe!
    Your logo and new website are so fresh and clean.

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