Completed: Drape drape drawstring-detail drape top

Drape topThe day my brother took pictures of me wearing the Indigo sweater, he also took pictures of another top. I must have been in a quirky pattern shape phase the week I made both garments. This top is the drawstring-detail drape top (pattern no. 12) from drape drape, a Japanese pattern book by Hisako Sato. The top only has 2 pattern pieces, and I think these could even be turned into 1 piece since the center back seam is completely straight.

The pattern lay-out certainly looks interesting don't you think?

The pattern pieces certainly look interesting don’t you think?

The draping at the front is created by folding the fabric back up to create the front hemline. There is a tunnel right below the right shoulder through which I threaded a ribbon instead of a self-fabric drawstring.

150903_drape4While 10 out of 10 people present (including me) agreed the Indigo sweater is a good look for me, 10 out of 10 people agreed that this top is ridiculous.

drape top side view

Uhhh, no, I couldn’t be bothered to press this top before taking pictures…

The size range for the patterns in drape drape is very limited. My bust (88 cm) is in between the L and XL sizes, while my waist and hips are already out of the size range and I consider myself very average sized for a Dutch woman. For this top there is only one pattern for all sizes and it is huge, so I can only imagine what it would look like on someone who is size S (78 cm bust)…

Yes, it really is that large...

Yes, it really is that large…

One of the problems is that the hem appears to hit me right at the widest part of my hips, which is not a particularly flattering look. I also suspect that I should have used a much drapier knit instead of Laguna jersey.

drape topMy sisters suggested I could hide a full-term pregnancy in this top and they are probably right. One of them was even so helpful to suggest I gift this top to a pregnant friend to use as maternity wear.

Dear pregnant friends and family members: you needn’t worry. There is no way this monstrosity will ever be bestowed upon you.

no more drape