Completed: fabric bunting

200505_2Like many other parents right now I am often struggling to find indoor activities that are fun to do for my daughter and that I also enjoy doing. My daughter usually likes drawing and I wanted to make some bunting to use for birthday celebrations. Several weeks ago I thought I’d combine the two.


Flag decoration in progress. I cut some cardboard to put inside the flags to prevent the ink from the markers seeping through to the other side.

I prepared some white flags from old sheets, covered the table, put my daughter in some protective clothing and handed her my fabric markers. Was she excited to be allowed to use real markers instead of pencils or crayons? You bet.


We decorated them together and it was quite fun to do. I had only sewn 6 of the white flags to decorate, which wasn’t really enough for proper bunting so I created some more from a fun IKEA fabric that also has a white background.


I then may have gotten distracted by a certain tree project, but eventually I created binding using a 25 mm bias tape maker, glued the flags to the binding at regular intervals with Prym wonder tape and sewed it all together.


Just in time for my youngest daughter’s first birthday.

Completed: Bunting for the office

Fabric buntingI’m still too tired to tackle complicated projects so I made something I said I’d make months ago: bunting for our office. We decorate the desks of people that have their birthday but the decorations that we have are old, worn and tacky. Some of it is only held together by adhesive tape.

Fabric buntingOne day, (much) earlier this year, a colleague and I were hanging up all the stuff and discussed that it would be nice to get some new decorations and I figured I could easily make some fabric bunting that would look loads better than the plastic bunting we’re currently using. Of course, I never got around to actually making any until this weekend.

I used 3 fat quarters for the flags and some Kona Pepper for the bias tape.

  • Trellis turquoise from “Bonjour mon ami” by Amanda Murphy for Blend Fabrics
  • Yellow “Swirl basics” by Windham Fabrics
  • Wine from “Sophia” by Blank Quilting
Prym Wonder Tape

I love this stuff…

Here I got the idea to use iron on hemming tape to attach the flags to their ribbon instead of pins. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself and while I don’t have iron on hemming tape, I do have Prym Wonder Tape. This stuff is amazing. It is double sided adhesive tape that you can sew through. I usually use it for installing zippers so I don’t need to struggle with pins. For the bunting I used it to stick my flags in between the folded bias tape and this worked like a charm. The tape doesn’t stick so much that you can’t reposition it but it is sticky enough to be used instead of pins.

Now, I really want to continue with my next Lady Skater and while this dress is easy to sew I’m still in the process of improving the fit even more and for that I do need my thinking cap on. Hopefully I’ll get it finished by next weekend. I want to wear this dress and cross another UFO from my list.

Fabric buntingWhat do you do when you are tired? Do you stubbornly continue with the project you’re working on even if the next step is to tackle that welt pocket that you’ve never made before? Do you, like me, switch to something easy or do you simply not do any sewing?